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What We Stand For

In everything we do, we work so you can feel the peace of mind that comes from the journey toward financial freedom.

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Our Values


When embarking on the next financial stage, there can be a lot of uncertainty – and some people aren’t confident where their journey will take them. Plus, they’ve spent their whole lives planning and saving, and it takes a lot of trust to hand that immense responsibility over to someone new.

That’s why we place such high value on integrity, passion, excellence and service, and instill these values into each of our employees. We know what we do can truly make an impact in the lives of our clients each day. So, with unwavering energy and conviction, we dedicate ourselves to serving our clients, to be deserving of their trust and to really begin their next journey, at ease with their financial decisions.

Are We Right For You?


To some, our strategies might seem a little different. Our focus on growing income, rather than growing prices, might seem backwards. But with time and patience, our clients may begin to experience first-hand the generous financial gain that can be produced from dividends and interest alone. And the reduction in risk from not touching their principal allows for a greater comfort and security.

This philosophy may not be for everyone. But security, income and growth – in that order – allows us, and you, to stay away from the guesswork and focus on working to increase your investment’s value. Our tailored, customized approach – combined with time-tested methods – helps get our clients closer to where they want to be.

Where Our Clients Are Located

We serve clients across the country in 44 states, from our headquarters in Evansville, Indiana, and additional offices in Columbus, Indiana; Chicago; and Atlanta.