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Every Journey Is Distinct

Just Like Our Investment Strategies

Financial freedom – Let's take it on together. Because it's not just where you're going, it's how we help you get there. And we take a practiced, steady path to help get you where you want to be, no matter the financial climate. Investing shouldn't be the adventure. Save that for your journey ahead.

Financial freedom – Let’s take it on together. We take a practiced, steady path to help get you where you want to be, no matter the financial climate. Investing shouldn’t be the adventure. Save that for your journey ahead.

Our focus on security, income and growth – in that order – seeks to ensure your savings and your plan are always intact so you can live the life you want.


Our goal is to reduce risk and volatility by seeking to preserve your principle – safeguarding your largest asset.


The power of the rising dividend allows us to seek sources of generous and dependable income, for the long term.


We believe in investments that increase in value each year and hand-pick each to fit your needs and goals.

Our Investment Cornerstone

We founded our equity investment strategy on dividends for several reasons. First, dividends help us determine a company’s financial health and true value. Second, they let us share in a company’s prosperity by paying us a portion of today’s earnings. Finally, they represent over 40%* of the market’s total return. For these reasons, we only invest in companies that pay generous dividends that have consistently increased, and are likely to continue to increase their dividends. With this approach, we work toward providing you with a reliable income with less worry about the current market conditions.

Actual Company Example *Data Source: Yahoo! Finance, 12/12/1995 - 12/31/2022.

Actual performance will vary; past performance may not be indicative of future results.

How We Help You Get There

As your partner, we work so your investments and financial plan work for you, in the long term and the day to day. And as a fiduciary, we always put your interests above our own.


for Individuals

Discover financial freedom on your own terms. With an emphasis on security, income, and growth, we aim to guide you to where you want to be.

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Retirement Plan Services

for Businesses

Together, let’s build a retirement plan that does the most for your business and your employees, by seeking to deliver dependable and generous results.

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Foundations & Endowments

As shepherds for your investment, we seek to help your mission reach its potential with minimal risk.

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Strength in Numbers


Assets managed by DCM for individuals and institutions as of 12/31/2022


Average yearly dividend increases over the last 10 years, as of 12/31/2022.


Withdrawn by clients from dividend and interest income without touching their principal this year. (January 1, 2022 - December 31, 2022)


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