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What Sets Us Apart

As a fiduciary, our obligation is clear – to serve your interests above our own in every single thing we do. By working with an investment provider who follows a fiduciary standard, you can be sure that the advice you receive has your best interest in mind.

First, we map our clients' objectives and aspirations, so we know where their focus lies and what it will take for us to get them there.

A Landscape of Opportunity

From aggressive growth to income generation to maximum stability, DCM offers an entire range of portfolios designed to fit any specific need and risk tolerance.

What sets us apart

Sequoia Our most growth-focused strategy aimed at beating the market on a rolling 3-year basis.


CAPITAL BUILDER Growth-focused equity strategy that is designed to seek capital appreciation over yield, while not sacrificing security.

CORNERSTONE Prioritizing growth of both income and capital, this equity strategy seeks to limit risk and volatility to less than that of the stock market.


ENDOWMENT CORNERSTONE This strategy is a balanced blend of our equity and fixed income strategies and seeks to produce a steady stream of income that increases every year.

INCOME BUILDER With a strong emphasis on income, this strategy is designed to be our highest-yielding strategy and seeks to generate a reliable and increasing stream of income.

PRESERVATION OF CAPITAL This fixed-income strategy is best suited for those that prioritize price stability over price growth, the main objective here is safety of principal.

Chart Your Path With an Advisor

We believe in performance at every level of risk and tolerance. Let’s talk about how your financial goals align with our investment strategies today.

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