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What Sets Us Apart

Two simple core beliefs guide the investment premise for our entire firm:

Investments that pay more cash each year are more valuable than investments that don’t.

Those investments will increase in value each year as their cash payments increase.


With this philosophy underlying every investment, we are able to truly take the long-term route for our clients. It’s why we utilize a rising dividend approach and how we are able to prioritize security, income and growth – in that order.

As a fiduciary, our obligation is clear – to serve your interests above our own in every single thing we do. By working with an investment provider who follows a fiduciary standard, you can be sure that the advice you are receiving has your best interest in mind before anything else.

We begin by mapping our client’s objectives and aspirations, so we know where their focus lies and what it will take for us to get them there. To meet the needs of each individual client, we’ve developed three main investment strategies.

Endowment Cornerstone

Designed to produce a steady stream of income, one that increases every year, this strategy is a balanced blend of our Preservation of Capital and Cornerstone strategies.


Made up of 100% dividend-paying stocks, this strategy focuses on growth of both income and capital, while seeking to limit risk and volatility to less than that of the stock market.

of Capital

The main objective here is safety of principal. Best suited for those that prioritize price stability over price growth, this strategy consists of 100% bonds and preferred stocks with an emphasis on income.

While these are our most popular investment strategies, we have others we can employ based on the income needs and risk tolerance of each client. For a deeper dive, please let your advisor know or get in touch with us below.

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We Make Our Own Path


For most financial advisors, performance is like a race with a finish line.

We believe in a different kind of performance – one made up of reliable returns and steadily rising dividends that reduce risk and keep your principal intact. Maybe it’s not as exciting as the hunt for the next big thing. But to us, it’s a whole lot better to know your money will be coming in on time.

So how do you achieve income gains?
And what’s the financial impact of a plan with less risk?

We strive to create generous, dependable and growing income from dividends and interest, without touching your principal. That’s it. By creating a customized plan based on a client’s goals and aspirations, we help them reach their own personal financial freedom so they can begin the journey of their next stage of life, confident in their financial decisions.