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What Guides Us

At Donaldson, we set our sights on the long view. Our clients have spent their lives in pursuit of financial freedom and when approaching their next stage, they need a partner with a complementary long-term focus. By prioritizing security, income and growth – in that order – we work to make sure, no matter what path our clients choose for their new journey, the road ahead is clear.

By founding each of our investment services on a dividend-based approach, we seek to deliver dependable, generous results, even in the toughest markets. Whether it’s with Wealth Management for Individuals, Retirement Plan Services for Businesses or Foundations & Endowments, we seek to guide our clients toward financial freedom from the first step they take with us.


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Our Mission

Principle & Principal

We are grounded in a core set of values that serve us so we can serve you. Our investment philosophy is built on the belief that our clients should never have to touch their principal.

Safe & Sound

Our financial philosophy is built on security, income and growth – in that order. This approach aims to provide clients with peace of mind as our goals align with theirs.

Tried & True

We guide our clients to wise financial decision-making through investing experience that has stood the test of time. Our passion and service seek to keep our clients remaining clients for life – and referring us to those they care about most.

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