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Retirement Plan Services for Businesses

Paths Taken

The Path to Greater Responsibility Requires Greater Service

How our approach seeks to alleviate the burden for Plan Sponsors

There’s more to the role of Plan Sponsor than most people realize. Besides the not inconsequential responsibility to make the right decisions for your employees, your company and yourself, there’s also a fiduciary duty imposed by the Department of Labor.

Many Retirement Planning Services clients feel especially overwhelmed by the mounting obligations that come with managing their company’s 401(k) plan. Concerned with the Department of Labor crackdowns to ensure Plan Sponsors are keeping participants’ best interests as the top priority, and many of them being successful business owners themselves, they wanted to do right by every stakeholder, but didn’t have the capacity.

For many such clients, it was important to offer more than the typical 401(k) investment choices of the same ETFs, mutual funds, and target date funds. They wanted a plan that could help every participant find financial freedom. A great plan was good for their business and good for their employees.

So, working together with our clients, we devised a plan that had the potential to get them and their business to the place they wished it would be, without adding to their workload.

As their partner, we sought to bring our Wealth Management approach to their 401(k) plans to help them accomplish their goals. Our team developed a customized plan for their businesses while providing hands-on service, including financial wellness tools to help employees reach their own financial aspirations. With Donaldson sharing the fiduciary responsibility, our clients are able to get back to their lives and work with renewed pride for their business and all they do for their employees.