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Retirement Plan Services for Businesses

Chart a Better Way Forward

For Your Plan and Your Employees.

To get your employees where they need to be for retirement, it takes a carefully plotted course. Considering the pressure of expanding legal obligations combined with the fact that Americans are far less financially prepared for retirement than ever before, there’s a lot of responsibility for a plan sponsor to navigate on their own.

As your partner, we take on that burden with you. Together, we can create a path forward that considers every angle, for every stakeholder, guiding the plan toward generous returns and fewer risks. Our focus on security, income and growth, in that order, seeks to ensure that every employee is on their best route forward to retirement and financial freedom.

Navigate Every Step of the Journey

Retirement isn’t a set path. Planning for what’s ahead and what’s best for your employees takes a well-thought-out route. Explore some of the big questions you may face while mapping what’s to come.


ARE my employees and I on the right path to a successful retirement?

Retirement means something different to everyone. And as the plan leader, it’s difficult to find a route that works in every stakeholder’s best interest. Part of that responsibility, too, is making sure you aren’t …
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AM I fulfilling all my fiduciary duties for my company’s retirement plan?

As the plan sponsor, there are obligations beyond your personal responsibility to your employees and their future well-being. Legally, you are liable to act as the fiduciary for your company's plan. Part of this means …
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WHAT is my legal responsibility to my employees as mandated by the Department of Labor?

Each year, Americans are less and less prepared for retirement. And the Department of Labor is stepping in to oversee what may be a very big issue for a number of people. Because of this, as a plan sponsor, you are now …
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HOW can Donaldson help alleviate the burden of my fiduciary responsibility?

While your duties may be expanding, you don’t have to face the pressure alone. We serve our clients at the highest level of fiduciary, known as a 3(38) discretionary asset manager. This means we are able to offload a plan'…
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IS my company’s retirement plan effective enough to retain and recruit new employees?

Americans are more dependent on their company’s retirement plan than ever before. So, a plan with a wealth management approach will stand out to employees and recruits. Our proprietary investment strategy emphasizes …
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HOW can I further involve my employees in their retirement planning and education?

We believe it’s important for employees to be educated about their plan and what it means for their future retirement. Every plan member will have access to DCM University, a library of assets and tools on all things …
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WHAT level of service and investment management should I expect to receive?

At Donaldson, we are with you through every step of your retirement planning journey. It’s important to us to really get to know you and your business from the start, so we can guide your plan with in-depth knowledge of …
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WHAT are the first steps to making a change to my company’s retirement plan?

Before you switch your retirement plan to us, we want to talk through your expectations and your objectives. It’s helpful to get deep into the details upfront so that down the road every stakeholder knows what to expect. …
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Today’s Retirement Baseline


The staggering percentage of Americans that aren’t saving enough for retirement.


The percentage of workers that reported having less than $25,000 saved for retirement.


Half of Americans rely on their employer-sponsored retirement plan to be their primary source of retirement income.

The Donaldson Way

When it comes to retirement plans, we take a wealth management approach for you and your employees, with unique investment options and ongoing financial wellness. In each life stage, many new paths will emerge, and we work to ensure that, in each, you and your employees feel financially secure. By founding our investment strategy on a dividend-based approach, we pursue security, income and growth, in every financial climate. Working together, we seek to produce steady, reliable results for the long term, so you and your employees can set your sights on whatever path you choose.

Our Stories

What It’s Like Working With Us

As your partner, we are with you through every step of managing your retirement plan. Here’s what you can expect as you start your journey with us.

Where You’ve Been

We know you don’t come to us with an entirely clean slate. There are bosses, employees, bottom lines, past plans, government oversight departments and so much more to consider as we get going. And we want to get into it all. Plus, we want to know what you truly want from your plan and why you decided to make the switch.

Where You’re Going

After getting through the basics, we like to take things a little deeper. Retirement means something different to everyone, and those differences tend to be magnified in a company-sponsored plan. Here, we talk through the realities and aspirations for your employees’ financial journeys, so they can be more engaged and focused in the workplace.

Pen to Paper

Once we have a firm grasp on where you’ve been and where you want to go, it’s time for us to get to work. We’ll make every effort to help you, your plan and your employees feel covered and comfortable for every new milestone. And once we agree on the right plan, it is by no means the end of the road. We will be on hand for feedback, adjustments, evaluations and anything you may need all along the way.

RPS Up Close Brochure

Dive deeper into who we are and how we get things done for you.

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Questions To Ask An Advisor

How can you know we are the right partner for your retirement plan? We’ve prepared some questions to help you find the best fit for your needs.

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