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Becoming a Client

Before any decisions are made, we each need to find out if we’re right for one another. If you’re interested in becoming a client, let’s schedule a discovery meeting. That will give us a chance to ask you about your long term goals and explain how our management styles can help you achieve those goals.

Should you choose to become a client after the discovery meeting, we’ll create an investment plan and open accounts for you at TD Ameritrade. From there, we can transfer accounts from almost any other firm or custodian. We can also help you obtain 401k Rollover Checks, transfer maturing CDs, and more.

Once your assets are in place, we'll transition the portfolio to an agreed upon management style and begin meeting with you on a regular basis to be sure you're satisfied and that your financial needs are taken care of.

Give us a call at 812.421.3211 or contact any one of our team members directly.